Standing Query Outputs

Each standing query can have any number of destinations to which StandingQueryResults will be routed.

Result Type

A StandingQueryResult is an object with 2 fields: meta and data. The meta object consists of:

  • resultId: a UUID identifying unique results
  • isPositiveMatch: a boolean value signifying whether this result now matches the pattern (true), or no longer matches (false)

On a positive match (true), the data object consists of the data returned by the Standing Query. For example, a StandingQueryResult may look like the following:

  "meta": {
    "resultId": "b3c35fa4-2515-442c-8a6a-35a3cb0caf6b", 
    "isPositiveMatch": true
  "data": {
    "id(n)": "a0f93a88-ecc8-4bd5-b9ba-faa6e9c5f95d"

While a negative match (false) signifying cancellation of that result might look like the following:

  "meta": {
    "resultId": "b3c35fa4-2515-442c-8a6a-35a3cb0caf6b", 
    "isPositiveMatch": false
  "data": {}

Result Outputs

Run Cypher Query

For each result, assign the result to the parameter $that, passing it into and running the provided query. The number of simultaneous results that will run is determined by the parallelism value.

When running a Cypher Query as the standing query output, the user has the option to pass in another output step in the andThen field. This field can include any of the output options described here, even additional Cypher Query steps. Be aware that non-trivial or long-running operations with StandingQueryResults will consume system resources and cause the system to backpressure and slow down other processing (like data ingest).

POST to Webhook

Makes an HTTP[S] POST for each StandingQueryResult. The data in the request payload can be customized in a Cypher query preceeding this step.

Publish to Slack

Sends a message to Slack via a configured Slack App webhook URL. See

Slack limits the rate of messages which can be posted; limited to 1 message per second at the time of writing. Quine matches that rate-limit internally by aggregating StandingQueryResults together if they arrive faster than can be published to Slack. The aggregated results will be published as a single message to Slack when the rate-limit allows.

Log JSON to Standard Out

Prints each result as a single-line JSON object to standard output on the Quine server. This output type can be configured with Complete to print a line for every StandingQueryResult, backpressuring and slowing down the stream as needed to print every result. Or it can be configured with FastSampling to log results in a best-effort, but dropping some results if it would slow down the stream. Note that neither option changes the behavior of other StandingQueryResultOutputs registered on the same standing query.

Log JSON to a File

Write each StandingQueryResult as a single-line JSON object to a file on the local filesystem.

Publish to Kafka Topic

Publishes a record for each StandingQueryResult to the provided Apache Kafka topic. Records can be serialized as JSON or Protocol Buffers before being published to Kafka.

Publish to Kinesis Stream

Publishes a record for each StandingQueryResult to the provided Kinesis stream. Records can be serialized as JSON or Protocol Buffers before being published to Kinesis.

Publish to SNS Topic

Publishes an AWS SNS record to the provided topic containing JSON for each result. For the format of the result, see “Standing Query Result Output”.

Ensure your credentials and topic ARN are correct. If writing to SNS fails, the write will be retried indefinitely. If the error is unfixable (e.g.: the topic or credentials cannot be found), the outputs will never be emitted and the Standing Query this output is attached to may stop running.